As the winter season is now in full swing, and as roads become slippery and visibility can be obscured, let’s help our children arrive to and from school safely by following these important rules:
1. Talk about different kinds of emergencies and review your family emergency plan. Prepare an emergency kit using this list as your guide.

2. Read the school’s emergency plan and procedures. Check that the school has current emergency contact information for your children.

3. Watch for children walking, cycling and coming off school buses. Do not pass a school bus when the signal lights are flashing, and be alert in school zones. Remind your children about crossing the street safely and wearing a helmet while cycling.

4. Review school bus safety and follow the bus driver’s instructions. Make sure children:

Credit:  woodleywonderworks

Credit: woodleywonderworks

a) Do not wander from the bus stop

b) Wait at the designated stop in a safe place well behind the side of the road

c) Stay back until the school bus makes a full stop and the doors open

d) Walk at least three metres away when crossing in front of the bus so the driver can see them

5. If a crossing guard says stop when the light is green, follow their directions. There might be a child still crossing the street.

For more information visit the Get Prepared website.