WhereAll across Canada ImpactThe earthquake drill was conducted in a total of 63 facilities; reaching 11,108 participants. DateOct 2012

There are millions of earthquakes that occur every year worldwide.  The majority of these earthquakes are low magnitude events that occur in remote areas.  However, according to the US Geological Survey, there are an average of 1470 earthquake events per year that register higher than 5.0 on the Richter scale.

The ShakeOut initiative is an opportunity to practice how to be safer during earthquakes using the “Drop, Cover and Hold On” technique.   ShakeOut also encourage individuals, communities, schools and businesses to update emergency plans and supplies, and to secure spaces in order to prevent damage and injuries.

The year 2011 marked the launch of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) ShakeOut earthquake drill. This initiative launched internationally and FOCUS hosted training in countries across the globe including: Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Tajikistan, and the USA. The training program provided safety training for over 137,000 individuals of all ages.

ShakeOut is a global annual earthquake drill that originated in California in 2008. The objective was to educate the public on how to protect themselves and practice an earthquake drill. ShakeOut has gained momentum world-wide, and has been conducted in many other areas, including Western Canada, Western and Central USA, New Zealand, Guam, and Central and South Asia. The AKDN through Focus Humanitarian Assistance is a participant of this initiative. Each year millions of people from British Columbia to Nepal to New Zealand participate in the global ShakeOut campaign. Check out this great article on the ShakeOut Drill program.

The most recent Canadian ShakeOut event took place in October 2012 and provided earthquake preparedness training for over 11,000 people. This is an annual initiative and FOCUS will continue to provide this training in Canada and globally.

We hope to notably increase our participant numbers this year. Please help us in ensuring that this campaign is a success by supporting this endeavour and actively participating in AKDN ShakeOut 2013 on Friday October 16th, 2013!