WhereThatta and Karachi (Sindh), Chitral (Khyber Pakhtunkhawa) and GilgitBaltistan ImpactImproving access to first aid DateAug 2013

Disaster Risk Reduction

FOCUS Pakistan is mobilizing female members of the Pakistani police force to respond to disasters through their disaster response training program. The program provides officers with comprehensive first aid training skills, casualty assessment, spinal cord training, evacuation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.

The training program was developed in recognition of the important role that women play in disaster response. Female disaster response officers have proven to be an asset in disaster situations as they are often preferred by families with female family members.

Ensuring that female officers are trained to provide aid remains crucial. A study of the 1999 cyclone in Bangladesh revealed that women and children accounted for 65% of all fatalities. This training ensures that more women are able to take an active role in disaster relief recovery.

The training program has received a positive response. Eed Numah, a female constable who attended the training in Gahkuch, headquarters of Ghizer district shared, “The training was useful and it helped us get practical tips for handling victims.”